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»n-tv Reportage«

Apart from classic travel broadcasts, we also produce reportages. The topics usually have a touristic focus, but thanks to our news background, we also deal with political or economic contents.


"Boomtown Singapore"

n-tv Reportage, "Boomtown Singapore"

Singapore is known as a wonderful destination, however, this town state is no longer just a tourist magnet, but has become an economic centre. In the metropolis with the biggest millionnaire's density of the world one can, according to surveys and studies from economical field, process business transactions better than anywhere else. The report shows the town of the superlatives and its most wonderful sides, but also the way the most different cultures and religions are brought together here.

For juridical reasons, unfortunately, without the usual music track


»Hotel« – Tough Access to the Dream Job

For many young people, the hotel business is a field in which they hope to find their dream job - travelling around the world, getting to know people, learning new languages, plus the chance of ending up in permanent employment. But there are two sides to the coin. You have to show flexibility and strong commitment and you have to be prepared to work at night and at weekends as well as on holidays,  if required. However, many young people are still attracted by the different job opportunities in this sector. The report shows the tough selection criteria behind the scenes and the difficult path which hopefully leads to success.


»Mandela’s Heirs« – A Young Democracy Goes Its Own Way

15 years ago, the Apartheid regime in South Africa came to an end with the handover of power from the white minority to representatives of the black majority. Also in Germany many politicians from all parties supported this development. The report shows today’s South Africa and looks back at important stages of the country’s transition, presenting many contemporary witnesses and active Apartheid opponents from Germany and South Africa in order to highlight Germany’s role in the process.


»Ring of Fire« – A Sea Trip to a Solar Eclipse

On 3 October 2005, a very special solar eclipse occurred, which in Europe can only be seen again in 2028. During a so-called total solar eclipse, the sun is covered by the moon´s shadow, so only the outer margin can be seen. It was only visible from a certain spot in the Mediterranean Sea. The report “Ring of Fire” documents a special sea trip for hobby astronomers who observed the spectacle. They were accompanied by experts who observed, recorded, but also explained what was going on – among them the German astronaut Ernst Messerschmidt.


»Masse und Klasse« – Only the Best for the Guests

Behind the scenes, kitchens of large hotels are pretty similar to canteens. But what does it look like in top hotels, which still have to cater for 500 guests or more?  “A la Carte” service instead of buffet, cloth- instead of paper napkins – how can mass and class be combined? This report takes a look behind the scenes of a five-star-hotel, accompanies the chef to the market in the early morning, and observes various members of the hotel staff in their effort to guarantee that there is only the best for the guests.


»Hablas Espanol« – New Trend Language Learning Trips

To learn a language in the country where it is spoken – travel businesses have achieved astonishing growth in this sector. In the past it was mainly pupils wanting to improve  their language skills during the holidays who required this sort of travel service. Today an increasing number of people travel to other countries in order to learn languages during their vacation and so to advance their career or at least to assure their position. This report highlights the methods of the new trend “Language Learning Trips” and shows the advantages of learning a language abroad.



»Wie man sich bettet« – A Hotel Group is being redesigned

What belongs where in the mini-bar? Which hairdryer has to be fastened at which height? In which order do TV channels have to be stored? The Marriott Hotel Group has analyzed all this very precisely and has applied the results to the configuration of its hotels – in an attempt to make them even more comfortable,  especially for business travellers. We have visited a  company specialized in hotel design and instructed by the Marriot Group to redesign its London based hotel. Not even the tiniest detail is left out in the preparation. We present the first hotel which is currently being redesigned according to these latest research results.


»Abenteuer China« - Opportunity and Thread in China

China is not only the “factory of the world”.  The country also tries to play an important global role in the service sector. Experts estimate that, in the long term, China will overtake India in the IT sector. Chinese “Silicon Valleys” pop up in many parts of the country. The industry can rely on 500,000 experts graduating annually from the universities. German companies are also taking advantage of China’s new potential. We accompanied two German medium-sized businesses on their adventure in China.