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»This is my...«

A very special travel feature is the production with celebrities. Already in 1997, Wieland Scharf developed the concept to let celebrities from movies, TV, and sports present destinations in their own individual way.

The first production of this type was the seven-part series »This is my Australia«. The fifth continent was presented by seven celebrities - among them the actor Rainer Hunold, “Tatort”-police inspector Ulrike Folkerts, the Olympic swimming champion Dagmar Hase, and the entertainer Ron Williams. At that time »This is my Australia« was the most extensive n-tv production abroad ever. It also was the biggest success of the year in terms of ratings. As a result a second season of »This is my Australia« was produced in 2004 – with similar success. The celebrity travel format has been orderly established as an integral part of n-tv´s programme schedule ever since.

Following broadcasts could be seen on n-tv until now:


»This is my ...« 2017

The blue planet team will also be traveling around the world for you in 2017 producing "This is my.." episodes, always on the lookout for interesting stories and tips and tricks for the destinations. Famous hosts will guide through this n-tv show and guide you to their favorite spots.

We are currently planning the first half of the year. We will definetly be back in Asia, but also return to Europe to travel to already visited locations, but will also show you some new spots and lead you through them in a yet new perspective. But we don´t want to spoil the excitement of where we will guide you this year. Just know you will get to experience known and unknown destinations from a new angle.

Here you find the highlights of our past shows:


»Das ist mein Wolfsburg«

Wolfsburg! Wer kennt den Namen der niedersächsischen Stadt nicht? Sicher, die Fußball- und Eishockey-Enthusiasten auf jeden Fall. Und die Autos, die in Wolfsburg vom Band laufen, kennt auch jeder zur Genüge. Wer aber weiß schon in Deutschland genau, dass Wolfsburg und seine Umgebung auch ein hervorragendes Kurzurlaubsziel mit unzähligen Attraktionen ist? Die Schauspielerin Katharina Schubert weiß das, schließlich wohnt sie selbst in der Stadt. Daher war es auch naheliegend, dass sie den n-tv-Zuschauern IHR Wolfsburg präsentieren sollte, mit dem Oldtimer, mit dem Fahrrad und per pedes. In der Reportage schlägt Katharina Schubert einen weiten Bogen: Von der Geschichte der Stadt und Hoffmann von Fallersleben, der das Deutschlandlied geschrieben hat, bis hin zu den naturwissenschaftlichen Phänomen im Erlebnismuseum "phaeno", der Autostadt und der reichen Kulturszene in Wolfsburg

»Das ist mein Wolfsburg« - Katharina Schubert 


»This is my Israel«

Andrea Kiewel in Tel Aviv

For shooting in the Holy Land blue planet found a famous and skilful host: Andrea Kiewel. In a professional manner she guided the n-tv audience through the historic city center of Jerusalem, to biblical hotspots and to trendy restaurants, shops and bars in Haifa and Tel Aviv. For experiencing the culinary side of Israel, celebrity chef Tom Franz teamed up with Andrea Kiewel to show her the highlights of the israeli cuisine. Furthermore she went to the Dead Sea, where she took a mud-bath. Away from the cities, the team could explore the highly diversed flora and fauna, where they visited the Kibbuz Ein Gedi. Altogether this was a superb episode to end this year of production 2016.

»This is my Israel« - Andrea Kiewel

»This is my Malta«

German actor Florian Fitz was travel guide and host in one in this episode of "This is my..". The audience knows him from german tv-shows like: "Borgias", "Traumschiff" and "Alarm für Cobra 11".

Right after arriving in Valletta Florian Fitz, his girlfriend and the crew took a stroll through the alleys of Valletta. They also visited the cute gardens that are all over the place in between medieval architecture and went to check out the restaurants by the waterside (photo). Valletta is the smallest capital in Europe. An extensive visit of the island Gozo, gave Florian Fitz and the crew the opportunity to see the coastal area, where the salt is filtered out of the ocean. Malta turned out to be a very historical place. On the Maltese islands you can find marks from 6000 years of human settlements and some of them are being portrayed in the show. Malta is a very interesting group of islands, that has been a member of the European Union since 2004.

»This is my Malta - Florian Fitz«

»This is my Florida«

Michael Roll

For his Florida-trip TV-actor Michael Roll had chosen two destinations: Tampa and Anna Maria Island. First of all, Tampa was a remarkable experience, because of its long history of cigar-manufacturing. On the other hand, Tampa and especially the area of Ybor City is still reflecting the good old times in its architecture. So, one day Michael Roll just entered a historic street car to explore the city in the evening.

For him Anna Maria Island was pretty much a contrast to the noise of downtown Tampa. It took Michael just one hour by car to feel the caribbean flair of this small island. Colourful houses, white sandy beaches and friendly islanders welcomed the blue planet crew. In this atmosphere Michael had enough opportunities to explore the highlights of Anna Maria Island. One of those was a snorkeling trip to the shipwreck of the vessel »Regina«. The other one was visit to a - let's say - manatee hospital, where young or badly injured animals are getting medical treatment.

»This is my Florida - Michael Roll«

»This is my Antarctica«

Richy Müller

The very trip to the icy continent was an adventure. Because of a strike at Lufthansa Airlines the team around tv-actor Richy Müller was under enormous time pressure and had to rebook all flights...just one day before take-off. However, luckily the crew reached Buenos Aires after long flights, partly via New York and Houston/Texas. After a stopover in the Argentinian capital they flew further to the countrys southernmost city, Ushuaia at the Beagle-Canal. From there many expeditions start to Antarctica.

The Antarctica: Even for the widely travelled blue planet-team still a fascinating but remote region in the southern hemisphere. Inn Ushuaia the crew went aboard MS Fram, a ship well designed for the specific challenges in the arctic seas. So after a safe voyage through the stormy waters of the Drake Passage they reached the antarctic continent. The blue planet- camera crew accompanies Richy Müller on many excursions to abandoned whaling stations and several penguin breeding places. The documentary will be aired on n-tv's christmas program 2015. 

»This is my Antarktis - Richy Müller«

<hr />»This is my Taiwan«

Eva Habermann

Taiwan was former known as Ilha Formosa (port. – beautiful island) and is located in the Western Pacific near the Chinese coast. The political status of Taiwan is not clear yet because China regards the island as part of it’s territory. Since the takeover of Mao Tse-Tung in 1949 Taiwan has developed drastically in politics, economics and culture.

Now Taiwan has one of the most powerful economies in the East Asian region. Unlike on the Chinese mainland the people living on Taiwan have kept their religious convictions and traditions. The German actress Eva Habermann could assure herself about it in February 2015. Together with our team she visited Taiwan and on the adjacent picture you can see her wearing an outfit of an actress of the Chinese Taiwan opera.


»This is my Taiwan - Eva Habermann«


»These are my Sydney and my Nature Coast«

Richy Müller

This production took us and actor Richy Müller from Sydney at the East coast up to Brisbane in Queensland. The Australians are well known as sports-mad people, who love to spend a lot of time outdoor. Consequentially, Richy Müller checked out lots of leisure time activities.

For example, in Sydney a climbing tour on the impressive Harbour-Bridge and a sailing trip with a permanent view to the famous shell-shaped opera of Sydney. On the journey to the north the team could visit a hospital for koalas and made a stop in the tropical rainforest. Two more highlights on our trip were a dive to see ocean turtles on Lady Elliot Island and a ride across the sandy beach slopes of Fraser Island. A production of blue planet-Team from 2014.


»This is my Sydney & Nature Coast - Richy Müller«


»This is my South Australia«

Sigmar Solbach

Possibly any trip in the state of South Australia starts in Adelaide, the capital of the state. It is the center of administration and economy and on the first sight it looks very Bitish. The universities draw young people from all over the world to Adelaide.

The Munich actor Sigmar Solbach visited the state of South Australia and explored much more than the capital and it’s charm. He wanted to turn his attention to the wildlife and to the history of settlement in the 19th century and could link both on Kangaroo Island. He dived with sea lions and tasted wines in the famous Barossa Valley. There the cities and villages were stamped by German immigrants. Based on the perfect climate, Barossa Valley is well-known for delicious red wines. A personal travel report from 2014.

»This is my South Australia - Sigmar Solbach« 


»This is my Abu Dhabi«

Eva Habermann

Until 1960 the emirate Abu Dhabi was just a simple settlement, but with the oil boom the town grasped a fabulous development. Where once Arabian nomads loafed in the market, nowadays huge skyscrapers stamp the townscape.

Only a few kilometres outside of town the desert fascinates visitors from all over the world. The contrast is like black and white. On the one hand there are huge modern buildings made of glass and cement and on the other hand enormous sand dunes in the vast desert give us an idea of eternity. Our team and actress Eva Habermann would like to give you an understanding of Abu Dhabi as a holiday destination.

»This is my Abu Dhabi« - Eva Habermann


»This is my Mekong«

Michaela May

This big river in Asia flows through 6 different countires. The blue planet team and actress Michaela May travelled on a house boat through Laos and Cambodia and collected many impressions about life on a ship as well as everyday life at the bank and in the cities and monasteries near the Mekong.

Nevertheless, it is not only an immense river, but also a lifeline which determines the existence at it’s banks. Many temples show the religiousness of native people. One of Michaela May’s highlights was the visit of a SOS children’s village. The report “This is my Mekong” was filmed in 2014.

»This is my Mekong - Michaela May«

Report: Michaela May visits the SOS Children's Villages


»This is my New Zealand«

Hannes Jaenicke

New Zealand is a dream for all nature lovers. Contrasting landscapes, lonesome beaches, giant glaciers, a fantastic fjord landscape and an unique flora and fauna with tropical forests. New Zealand offers it all.

The wildlife in New Zealand is one of the most extraordinary on earth. German actor Hannes Jaenicke spotted the fascinating insular state. It is also called “the land of the long white cloud”. We visited Auckland, Coromandel Peninsula, Waitomo, Hamilton, Wellington and Queenstown.

»This is my New Zealand - Hannes Jaenicke«


»This is my Cyprus«

Falk-Willy Wild

Cyprus is also called "Aphrodite’s island“ and it’s beauty stands out indeed. Surprisingly this holiday destination was an insider tip for long time. The island lies in south-eastern Mediterranean Sea and since Cyprus entered the European Union the popularity has risen.

In 2013 actor Falk-Willy Wild experienced over thousand years of history and ancient ruins, the exciting nightlife in Paphos and Limassol and the calm and tranquillity of small wine villages in the mountains.

Of course, Willy became attached to the insular state Cyprus. In Kourion's Greco-Roman theatre he even recited an ode to Aphrodite with a laurel wreath on his head. The critical audience however was quite amused and spent much applause for his performance.

»This is my Cyprus - Falk-Willy Wild«


»This is my Hungary«

Rike Schmid

Hungary - a country of diversity. The glamorous capital of Hungary is Budapest, also known as the “Paris of the East”. It is the pearl of the Danube. In »This is my Hungary« the actress Rike Schmid enjoyed the intensive cultural life, thermal bathing palaces but also the wine region around Lake Balaton. Hungary caters for every taste! 


»This is my Hungary - Rike Schmid« 



Sophie Schütt

»Das ist mein South Australia«

Australien - eines der beliebtesten Reiseziele weltweit. Ob tropischer Regenwald, Outback oder Metropolen mit moderner Architektur: Down Under hat seinen Gästen viel zu bieten. Grund genug für blue planet tv, diesen Teil der Welt genauer unter die Lupe zu nehmen. Schließlich entdeckte die Redaktion immer wieder neue, bisher unbekannte Facetten dieses Landes

Schon einige Jahre vor Sigmar Solbach (2014) bereisten die TV-Schauspielerin Sophie Schütt und das blue planet-Team Südaustralien. In ihrer Reisereportage »Das ist mein South Australia« erlebte sie jede Menge "tierische" Abenteuer und faszinierende Momente in der schier unendlichen Weite des Outback. 

»These are my British Virgin Islands«

Eva Habermann

White spectacular and remote beaches as well as colourful underwater worlds, the British Virgin Islands, an archipelago of 60 islands, invites you to a holiday of the special kind.The perfect place for Eva Habermann to enjoy the Caribbean attitude to life. Amidst an unique tropical scenery she presents the distinctions of the British overseas territory and pays a visit to the Virgin Founder Sir Richard Branson on his private paradise.

»These are my British Virgin Islands - Eva Habermann«


In March 2010 blue planet tv received the Caribbean Tourism Award for the production „These are my British Virgin of Islands“ as the best TV documentary of the Year from the Carribbean Tourism Organisation.


»This is my Singapore« 2008

"Unity in diversity" – that is the philosophy of Singapore, the smallest state in Southeast Asia. Two famous German actors set off to get a very close experience of the variety of the archipelagic and city state.

Katharina Schubert entered into the turmoil of the Asian metropolis and discovered fashion trends as well as culinary highlights. The crowning finale was the visit at the Chinese New Year.

Jürgen Heinrich was very interested in the original and natural side of Singapore. He took the n-tv viewers to the tropical rainforest which is situated within the town centre. Highlight of the journey was the foot massage given by doctor fishes on Sentosa Island.

In november 2009, blue planet tv was nominated for the production of "This is my Singapore", next to 4 other productions as the worldwide best TV report in relation with Singapore for the „Singapore Experience Awards“.